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What is Rhetos

For the independent software vendors who deliver line of business solutions for enterprise customers, Rhetos is an innovative approach to software development and efficient open source technology that helps developers to build powerful application servers. Unlike similar development platforms, Rhetos is handling customizations and upgrades painlessly.

Main characteristics:

  1. Rhetos is a framework for building application’s business layer (with web service API) and database
  2. Application developers describe the application using Domain-Specific Language (DSL), Rhetos generates the server
  3. Ecosystem of DSL packages brings you powerful ready-to-use implementations of business and design patterns
  4. Open source
  5. Based on Microsoft .NET technology stack, using best practices for designing business application’s database, business layer object model and web API
  6. No hidden magic, the generated server application is a regular C# web service that can be debugged using its source and Visual Studio